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Since February 1, 2001, the Act "Remote Buying" force.
By this law, consumers have gotten a better legal position. According to the law is there to buy distance occurs when the consumer and seller together to purchase have not seen. The following major enhancements regarding the rights of consumers in the Act Remote Buying included:

* Consumers are entitled to a cooling off period of 7 days after delivery of the product. They can return the product within that period, with only the postage for returning to their activities. The seller has to refund or administration charge. The seller may be conditions on the return transmitted. When the seller of the product has financed, for example by providing a loan, the financing agreement is automatically terminated if the consumer uses the cooling period.
* The product must be later than 30 days after delivery to the consumers are supplied. If not, the consumer may immediately cancel. This does not apply if the parties have agreed a different delivery.
* If the consumer product within the cooling off period returns, the seller is required within 30 days to repay the amount paid

The cooling-off period does not apply to:

Purchase of property;
* Purchases are made specially to order;
* Purchases that rapidly decay or become obsolete;
* Newspapers and magazines;
* CDs, videos and CD-ROMs which the seal is broken;
* Financial services, betting and lotteries;
* Guest accommodation, transport, leisure and restaurant reservations if they have agreed on a certain date or for a specified period;
* A service that the vendor with the consumer, before the cooling off period has expired.

The additional duties of the seller are:

* The seller must provide the following information before consumers decide to purchase:
o His identity and, with (partial) payment, his postal address;
o The main features of the product;
o The price of the product (including all taxes). Where applicable, the cost of delivery, payment, delivery or performance, whether or not to apply the cooling period;
o The possible validity of the offer or the minimum duration of the contract when it comes to purchasing a subscription for example.
* The supplier must also look at delivery the following information:
o The requirements for using the cooling off period (this must be in writing!)
o visit or pickup address of the supplier;
o Information on any guarantee if the merchandise has a duration exceeding one year;
o The requirements and conditions for termination.

If the supplier of the above information is not (fully) provided to the consumer, the cooling off period of 7 days only when consumers have all the information received, with a maximum of three months.

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Besides the Act Remote Buying by May 1, 2003 is a law for equal rights for consumers in the EU was prepared. Here are a number of provisions which are relevant for the Internet consumer experiences in retail, including:

* Payment: Unless otherwise agreed, payment of the purchase receipt in place. Later, the product delivered or the product can not be taken immediately, then the buyer does not exceed half the price to pay in advance.
* If a product does not meet the expectations of the purchaser may have, he may require:
o that the seller delivers still missing;
o that the product is repaired or replaced;
o that the seller a portion of the purchase price back pay;
o that the contract be dissolved.

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